Actor Ayman Samman by: Lesley Bohm PhotographyAyman Samman is an American actor. He was born Ayman ElSamman in Egypt, to an Egyptian mother, Esmat, and father, Sayed. Ayman was raised in Cairo and graduated from Cairo's Helwan University with a degree in Egyptology in 1993. He guided tourists throughout Egypt, Jordan, and Israel. Before he became an actor, he was the lead singer in the Chicago rock band The Emerald Lizards. As a fluent speaker of both English and Arabic, he is able to portray a vast range of characters. Ayman's first major film role was in the Clint Eastwood's Oscar nominated blockbuster film American Sniper (2014) where he shared the memorable dinner scene with Bradley Cooper. He also had a small role in the Lifetime Movie Don't Look Back (2014) and the indie award winning thriller God's Slave (2013). In addition to movie appearances, he made a guest star appearance in the television hit Blindspot (2015), NCIS: Los Angeles (2015), Satisfaction (2015) and Pretty Little Liars (2014). Ayman's dramatic chops are matched by his comedic quick wits as seen in his Stand Up Comedy performances around Hollywood's renowned Comedy Clubs. His natural storytelling skills and his ability to easily connect with people are ingredients to his recipe for success. Ayman is determined to serve as a bridge between American and Middle Eastern cultures.



Ayman Samman, an Egyptian born, American Actor residing in Los Angeles California. Ayman speaks Arabic and English fluently. This reel showcases Ayman's work in Hollywood's film and TV projects. Featuring clips from: - American Sniper - Warner Brothers - Directed by Clint Eastwood - Pretty Little Liars - ABC Family - NCIS: Los Angeles - CBS - Anatomy Of Violence. A Fox Studios TV Pilot. Directed by Mark Pellington. - Tentacle 8, a Spy Thriller Feature. Directed by John Chi. - Machsom (Checkpoint), An AFI Grad Thesis Short. Directed by Joel Novoa


Actor Ayman Samman Comedy Reel from Ayman Samman on Vimeo.

Ayman Samman is also a Los Angeles based Standup Comic. He provides clever observational humor blending his Egyptian heritage with his American present life experiences. Ayman is able to deliver a foreigner’s perspective in a relatable fashion. You can see Ayman perform around Hollywood at Flappers Comedy Club, The Comedy Store and many other local venues.


Ayman Samman wrote and directed several comedy videos and spec commercials. Here are some of his favorites.

Rent A Gay Infomercial

Beach Fail - Lens Crafters Spec Commercial

Girl in a Crunch - Doritos Spec Commercial



Ayman Samman lived the first 25 years of his life in the Middle East. His academic knowledge of the area's ancient history, is matched by his deep understanding of the social and behavioral aspects of the culture through years of guiding tours through some of the most ancient sites in Egypt, Jordan and Israel.

His command of both the Arabic language with it's various intricate dialects as well as his almost native English skills qualify him to help you with your next project. Ayman provides different service to meet your needs for production.

Consulting: Advise and provide technical information for establishing an authentic environment of a Middle Eastern setting per script. Ensure that the set design and art direction resemble that of a real setting.

Voice-over: Arabic and English voice-over for your production needs.

Coaching: Arabic language coaching for your cast.

Translation: Translation into Arabic and English of film scripts.


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