Actor Ayman Samman, recently signed on with the producers of the web series Switch as the lead character, Dr. Adil. Ayman plays an American Army doctor Middle Eastern descent as he leads a team that investigates strange terrorist crimes committed on American soil by former American POWs. “I was very excited when I was approached by writer/director and fellow actor, Sila Agavale to play the lead role in his web series.” said, Samman. “The story line is a mix of a sci-fi/thriller/crime drama and it tackles current issues with a new spin on stereotypes”. “Switch”, follows three characters, an Army Doctor, a Female Cop and a Samoan Ex FBI Agent. It’s the last days of a secret program approved by the CIA after 9/11 called SWITCH. Decoding Bin Ladin’s sinister plan concealed in the brains of US POW’s. The series is due for an early 2010 summer release. You can watch a teaser here: Switch Teaser