THIEF is an AFI Graduation Thesis by director Julian Higgins. The story takes place in pre and post Saddam Iraq. “The film was written in English then translated into Arabic for the all-Arabic cast” said Samman. “We shot the film in a valley north of LA that resembles an Iraqi landscape. This was my very first film project in LA and was shot on 35 mm film and the whole experience was amazing!” The cast was carefully selected by Writer/Director Julian Higgins as he scoured Los Angeles theaters and cultural centers to find the prefect Arabic cast. “I met Julian at Haram Iran a play I was in earlier last year. He came to the Middle Eastern themed play to look for actors for his film ensemble and he approached me after the performance and asked if I would be interested to audition for the role of Abu Mehdi.” said Samman. “I was very fortunate for this chain of events to take place so I can be part of this amazing story.” Thief premiers Friday, January 14th at the Los Angeles American Film Institute Conservatory.

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