I have recently had the fun opportunity to be a part of a Sci-Fi fan film based on the Mass Effect video game. The film is produced by Locked Horns production in collaboration with The University of Advanced Technology (UAT) in Tempe, Arizona. I’ve had the pleasure to work with actor Mark Meer who voices Commander Sheppard in the video game amongst other crazy voices. It was also a chance to catch up with old friends from the film Parallax which was also shot in Arizona. I stayed at the Arizona Grand Resort/Golf Course which is a very luxurious and vast property. I am very grateful for the producers.

I play the role of Dr. Averroes, a space scientist who discovers a piece of Prothean technology on Mars that may just lead to an even bigger discovery. The film is full of action and suspense along with mesmerizing visual effects. The story is based on the Mass Effect world but it’s the brain child of writer/director, Caleb Evans. Cinematography by Jace Oppie.
It’s set to be released late spring. I will be posting more updates as I know them.